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License To Ball « Basketball Training | Ballers Institute

Ready to Take Your Game to the Next Level & Beyond?

Discover How to Become Your Team’s STAR Player – A Lean, Mean Shot-Making Machine That Can Score from ANYWHERE on the Court!

Let a former head instructor at the legendary Five Star Basketball Camp show you how to break down ANY defender and get to the rim at will!

Plus... brand new passing, ballhandling and rebounding drills that'll transform you into a top-notch all-around player, and have college and pro coaches DROOLING over your game!

“We can’t stop him, we can only hope to contain him.”

That’s what opposing coaches and players used to say about Michael Jordan … but what if they were saying those words about you?

What if you had to be guarded EVERYWHERE, because you could score from ANYWHERE on the court?

What if opposing coaches routinely had to double and even triple-team you, just to try and slow your scoring down?

What if you had the range of Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry or Jimmer Fredette?

What if you could mix it up in the low post with the raw power of LeBron James, and the buttery-soft touch of Tim Duncan?

What if you could break down defenders like Kobe Bryant, Russell Westbrook or Dwyane Wade and get to the rim ANYTIME you wanted?

What If You Were Just Straight-Up UNGUARDABLE?

Well, that’s exactly what a breakthrough basketball skill development system is designed to make you!

This system is jam-packed with 93 PROVEN drills, tips and secrets to send your scoring average soaring, while also improving your total court game. Even better, you’ll get unlimited access to our own, professionally developed training plans, showing you exactly what drills to use and when to use them.

You’ll even find out how to earn the extremely rare “Three Point License” from your coach, which means you’ll have the “greenlight” to pull up and shoot a three-pointer from any distance and at any point in the game!

Introducing “License To Ball”

license to ball

It doesn’t matter if you’re already a pretty good scorer and you just want to go to the next level… or if you are a player who rarely gets off the bench, the License to Ball System contains everything you need to dramatically improve your game.

  • You’ll learn skills to break down the quickest defenders and get into the lane …
  • You’ll learn how to become a consistent, reliable long-range shooter …
  • You’ll learn how to send your points per game skyrocketing … while also improving your assist and rebound numbers …

And you’ll learn it all from your own personal “Mr. Miyagi” who uses unconventional drills and “outside the box” thinking to quickly improve players’ skills in ways they never thought possible.

I’m talking, of course, about Bernie Holowicki.

As I mentioned earlier, Holowicki was a head instructor at the legendary Five Star Basketball Camp, which has churned out more than 118 NBA players over the last 3 decades, including LeBron James, Michael Jordan and Patrick Ewing.

The long list of pros who owe much of their success to Holowicki’s unique, fun, and outrageously effective basketball training strategies stretches on and on and on.

Truth is, Holowicki has devoted his life to developing new, creative ways to teach fundamental basketball skills, and his cutting edge approach is guaranteed to supercharge your practice sessions with more fun and intensity that you ever thought possible.

  • He KNOWS how to take a guard and load him up with NBA caliber shooting range, quickness and ball-handling skills …
  • He KNOWS how to take a post player and instantly inject him with “mad-dog” tenacity and dazzling low post moves …
  • And he also KNOWS how to keep players focused, intent and enjoying themselves while they’re improving. His drills are simple to learn but very, very effective.

Now let me warn you: Holowicki’s techniques are unconventional. He uses everyday items like garden gloves, chairs, and ankle weights  in ways you’ve never seen before.

And you may very well find yourself wondering how the heck he came up with some of these drills.

But perform them as shown and in no time you’ll find your skills improving in ways you never imagined.

It’s Time to Take Your Game to “Legendary” Status …

Look, the game of basketball comes with a lot of history and legends.

I’m sure you’ve heard of a young Larry Bird spending hours on the court honing his jump shot.

And I’m sure you’ve heard of the hours Kobe Bryant would practice each day while living overseas where his dad played professional basketball.

Practicing your shooting, your dribbling, your rebounding and your passing is essential but where the true value of a system like License to Ball comes into play is that it shows you how to make the most effective use of your practice time.

Instead of just shooting jump shot after jump shot (which can no doubt be valuable but can also be boring and mundane) this system gives you specific drills that will spur specific improvement while also making your practice time more fun and more challenging.

Gone will be mind-numbing repetition replaced by a new sense of excitement and wonder as you learn Holowicki’s drills and begin to master them.

Are your skills not improving fast enough?

Do you feel like you are “stuck in a rut”?

Then this is the system for you, it will jumpstart a dramatic improvement in your game and will send your confidence soaring.

Soon, you’ll (rather rightfully I might add) believe that no one can stop you. You’ll have the skills you need to make any team you try out for.

Dream about earning a college scholarship or playing in the pros? This system will put you much closer to realizing that dream.

Your new high-scoring, all-around game will also earn the respect of your coaches and teammates.

But let me give you another warning: as your game improves, the attention you receive will also increase.

If you don’t think you can handle being your team’s “go-to player” …

If you prefer to keep a low profile instead of getting attention from next level coaches and scouts …

If you’d prefer to stay anonymous at your school (instead of being treated like a Roman war hero every time you walk through the halls) … then this system is most definitely NOT for you!

This System is Designed to Turn Benchwarmers Into Starters… Average Players into STARS … And Star Players Into SUPERSTARS

Just picture the scene – the crowd standing, going wild, as you cross your defender over (leaving him in a crumpled heap behind you), spin past the help defense, and finish at the rim with authority.

Then the other team misses, you sky up to snare the rebound, push the ball upcourt, then stop on a dime to nail a transition three.

Maybe you smile at the defender and say, “All day, baby, all day”

Or maybe you don’t say anything at all. Just a quick wink in his direction, then head back on defense secure in the knowledge that this is a scene that is going to play out again and again over the course of the game.

That’s what I’m talking about with this system – it gives you the skills and the confidence to live out your dreams out on the basketball court.

Take a look at all that it includes:

You get 93 wickedly-effective drills, broken down into four modules, and all demonstrated via Internet video with unlimited playback. So you can watch them and replay them over and over again, as many times as you want, from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection!

Let’s get down to the specifics…

basketball dribbling drills

Module 1: Mad Handles

In this section, you’ll discover a killer collection of ballhandling and dribbling drills to help you develop more confidence with the rock in your hands, improve your one on one skills, break down defenders and create high percentage shots for you and your teammates.

Here’s a small sample…

  • How to dramatically improve your ballhandling using an item from the gardener’s shed!
  • Ballhandling drills that will soon have you dribbling so smoothly that other players will think you must have a string attached to the ball!
  • How to get to the rim AT WILL – it doesn’t matter if the defender is faster than you or stronger than you … use this tip and you’ll go by him like he’s standing still… over and over again!
  • How to develop the ballhandling skills that will make you the guy your team relies on to break down the press… no matter how “clumsy” with the ball you think you are now!
  • How to increase your “first step explosiveness” so that no defender can stay with you!
  • And a lot more…


basketball shooting drills

Module 2: Advanced Guard Skills

In section 2, you’ll learn exactly how to develop top notch shooting, passing, and fast break skills. These are “advanced” skills for serious ballers – NOT the basic “gym class” drills you’ll find in other books, websites or videos. Here’s a quick taste…

Shooting Drills
  • One simple drill that will increase your 3-point shooting percentage by over 15% in no time!
  • How to get “a good look” against any defender – follow these tips and you can be like Larry Bird, actually telling the defender when and where you’re going to shoot… because he won’t be able to stop you!
  • How to deal with momentum so that you can pull up and shoot on the fast break with deadly accuracy!
  • How to master the mid-range shooting game and watch your scoring average soar because of it!
  • How to develop picture perfect jumpshot form and maintain that form from even long distances!
  • How to develop an offensive game that will make you a scoring threat the minute you step out of the locker room!
  • And much, much more!
Passing Drills
  • Passing drills that will improve your dexterity and vision… and have you “dishing dimes” that would make Magic Johnson gasp with excitement!
  • How to develop the wrist strength and fingertip dexterity to pass the ball with either hand. This skill is key for those little “drop-off” passes under the rim.
  • How to push the rock upcourt with dazzling speed, spot open teammates, and deliver the ball with laser-like accuracy
  • And a whole lot more…
Practice Intensity
  • How to turn your practices into so much fun that as soon as one day’s session is over you’ll be counting the minutes until you can practice again!



basketball post player drills

Module 3: Playing Big Down Low

This 4-part video focuses on building strength and power, low-post footwork, rebounding and scoring in the paint. Whether you’re a point guard, a shooting guard, a wing, or a big man… post skills are essential… and this cutting edge module is chock full of EFFECTIVE drills and workouts to dominate the block. Here’s a small sample of what’s included…

Low Post Play
  • How to develop the drive and determination that will allow you to go into “beast mode” in the low post … scoring and grabbing rebounds like a grown man among boys!
  • How to develop the soft hands and quick feet you need to excel in the low post!
  • How to develop one or more “go-to” low post moves that you can use to score whenever your team really needs a basket (if only Dwight Howard would watch this video!)
  • Low post drills tweaked for the modern game so that they are even more effective … plus, how to finish with either hand around the basket!
  • How to avoid shotblockers and score in the paint no matter how short you are!
  • And many more…
Rebounding Drills
  • Rebounding drills that will help you develop a real nose for the ball – like Charles Barkley or Dennis Rodman you’ll turn into one of those players who always seems to be where the rebound is
  • How to inject massive “quick burst” jumping ability into your legs with 2 simple drills. Other players will think you’ve got rocket boosters in your shoes!
  • How to transform yourself into a nasty, mean brawler under the boards… even if you hate contact right now!
  • And much more…


3 point shooting drills

Module 4: The Three Point License

Becoming a great 3-point shooter isn’t just a “nice to have” skill set any more. It’s an absolute MUST.

Whether you’re a 5’6″ point guard or a 6’8″ bruiser… coaches are looking for players who can stretch the defense by stepping out and knocking down the trey.

That’s why we’re also including this incredible step by step training plan that’s guaranteed to transform you into a lights out shooter!

It’s called the Three Point License… and it’s jam-packed with 13 killer three-point shooting drills and training tips, all demonstrated with easy instructions.

We’ll show you how to earn the “greenlight” from your coach, so you can pull up and hit the three from any spot on the floor… in any game situation!

  • Spotting up off a skip pass? Money.
  • Pull up trey in transition? Cash.
  • Popping to the wing after a down screen? Bottoms.
  • Against man to man? In your eye.
  • Zone defense? Somebody better guard this guy!

In no time at all, you’ll be nailing long range bombs from every spot on the floor, even if you can barely make a free throw right now!

Here’s where it gets REALLY good.

At the Ballers Institute, our reputation is built on helping players achieve their basketball dreams, and we want to make it as easy as possible to start improving your game today.

That’s why we’re also throwing in this FREE time saving bonus!

basketball workout drills

The All-City Workout – 3 “Done For You” Workout Plans

We’ve taken the most essential drills from License to Ball and boiled them down into 3 simple “done for you” workout plans.

You won’t need to waste time combing through the videos to figure out what drills to start with… what order to do them in… or how long to run them for.

We’ve done all the hard work FOR you. Just print out the workouts and bring them directly to the gym. Follow the step by step instructions and you’ll be amazed at the result you’ll see.

WARNING: These workouts are intense!

Each All City Workout was carefully designed by basketball training and conditioning experts. So you’ll get the rapid skill development you need, plus the cardio, agility, speed, and vertical leap training to become a monster on the court.

The Result: You’ll run faster, jump higher, and last longer than your competition! Here’s a quick rundown…

The 31 Minute All City Workout

Perfect for that quick training session before school, at lunchtime, or when you want to get a little extra work in after practice. It’s the fastest, easiest way to tune up your skills before a big game.

The 64 Minute All City Workout

Got a day off from practice and want to hit the gym? This workout is just what the doctor ordered. You’ll see exactly how to increase your shooting percentage, develop a more reliable three point shot, and work on your primary and secondary offensive moves – both from the perimeter, and down in the post.

The 89 Minute All City Workout

This one is strictly for serious off-season skill development – not for the faint of heart. If you’re looking to expand your arsenal of offensive moves, become a more adept passer, or a more explosive rebounder, this workout plan will rapidly improve your skills. Highly recommended for summer training sessions… especially if you’re looking to make the varsity team, earn a starting spot, or transition to the next competitive level.

These three workout plans are easily worth $20.00 apiece. But there all yours FREE when you order License to Ball today!

Now, I know that using garden gloves, chairs, and ankle weights in your workouts might seem a little odd, maybe even controversial.

And if the idea of trying something different scares you off, maybe these drills aren’t right for you.

But please understand – this is not some, Johnny-come-lately experimental training system that we’re “testing out” to see if it works.

These secrets have already been tried, tested, and PROVEN with more than 2,141 teams from across the US and around the world.

That’s more than 21,000 “regular” ballplayers just like you, who’ve used these incredibly effective drills – and seen DRAMATIC improvements in their scoring, passing, rebounding and conditioning.

Here’s What Some Of Their Coaches Had To Say…

College Head Coach Says…

“As we recruit post players at our level, we look primarily for athleticism, but also for players who are consistent threats to score. Coach Holowicki’s post drills will give aspiring collegiate level players a wide variety of skill work to hone their go-to and counter moves.”

Chris Ellis, Maryville University Basketball, St Louis, Missouri

Fresh and Exciting Drills

“For players that are serious about becoming a better or elite basketball player, this video will provide a variety of fresh and exiting drills for improving footwork, agility, ball handling, passing and conditioning. I have used many of the drills for my parks and recreation teams,  AAU team and especially when I do individual player workouts.

After using the Garden Glove series of drills with all of my players, it helped everyone improve their ball handling skills. I don’t worry about the press that much anymore, because I have an entire team of ball handlers, not just a few guards!”

Franklin Fields, Carolina Hawks Basketball, Raleigh, NC

Major Improvements In Ballhandling and Court Vision

“My favorite drill was the “Jason Williams” drill – it developed ballhandling, footwork, concentration and shooting skills to help our players improve. I saw major improvement in ballhandling and court vision after using this drill!”

Alan Viani, Our Lady of Lourdes Varsity Basketball, Poughkeepsie, NY

One Drill Added 6-10 Points Per Game!

“Just wanted to drop you a note concerning the online clinic. This is the best series of both Front court and Back court drills I now have in my personal collection of drills and plays, and I have an extensive collection.

I use these drills on a regular basis as Men’s Varsity head coach with the Greater Gwinnett Christian Barons here in Georgia. I have also used the drills with high school girls, middle school boys and elementary level boys and girls in numerous summer basketball camps. Everyone loves the drills and I have helped prepare a lot of kids for high school basketball with them.

My favorite drill would be “Four to Score” as it gives my team the opportunity to really work on the drop-step to score around the basket.  While I have not kept any statistics on our increased scoring efficiency around the basket, I would guess we are scoring 6-10 points per game with the drop-step move because of this drill.

You could have made 4-6 clinics out of these 80 drills and it would still have been worth the money! You’re a heck of a coach but a terrible business man.  KEEP IT UP!!!!!!”

Frank Podriznik, Greater Gwinnett Christian Barons, Atlanta, GA

My Son Became The “Go To” Kid Inside!

“I coached my own son and he had a habit of hitting the ball WAY too high off the backboard and missing.  After spending so much time on the Dance Step drill he became the “go to” kid inside on our team!”

Jeff Knollenberg, Rogers Youth Basketball, Da Beasts, Albertville, MN

Helping Players Becoming College Prospects

“I am currently using this video as a valuable aid not only with the girl’s varsity team, but also with my U15 AAU girl’s team, the Florida Fever, and in the camps and clinics all over the world.  I have seen varying stages of improvement of the girls and boys I work with.  These improvements range from minor advancement to players becoming college prospects.

I would almost guarantee that any player who works hard and moves toward mastery of these drills will be at the very least a vital contributor in his or her varsity program.  Be it to you according to your effort!!”

Coach Jim Cromwell, Head Coach, Florida Fever AAU, President and CEO, Camp of Champs International

So What Are You Waiting for? Order Today & Take Your Game to the Next Level!

It’s time to realize your full potential … it’s time to become a star.

As Eminem said, “Look, if you had one shot, one opportunity … To seize everything you ever wanted in one moment … Would you capture it or just let it slip?”

Don’t let this opportunity slip by. The License to Ball System is just what you need to start dominating out on the basketball court.

You’ll learn how to become an unstoppable scorer who eats defenses for breakfast… a slick passer who drop dimes on the regular… and a rebounding monster who owns the paint.

Want to score 20 points a game?

How about 30 points a game?

It’s all possible when you use the drills in this system to improve your offensive basketball skills.

So how much is becoming your team’s star player worth to you?

A personal basketball trainer with Holowicki’s experience would easily charge you $75 an hour for his services.

And it would take AT LEAST 10-12 hours to explain and teach all 93 drills included in this package. So we’re talking $750 to $900 at the very least.

Say you split the cost with a few teammates and used your best bargaining skills, you’re still talking $200 a person. And every drill would just be “one and done” – no chance to review it, record it, or refresh your memory later on.

License To Ball is all available online. You can stream the videos over your Internet connection, watch them on your smart phone or tablet, or download the videos to your computer (Mac or PC) to watch whenever you want… as many times as you want.

But we won’t charge you $200… or even $100… to access this incredible training material. If you act now you can get this system for just $67!

That’s right, you’ll pay just $67 to become a player that strikes fear in opponents’ hearts and earns admiration from your team’s fans.

Want to hear the crowd chanting your name?

Want the coach to call your name at the end of the game when your team has the ball down by one?

Want to feel the crowd anticipating your next shot?

It all starts with hard work in the gym – and the License to Ball System will show you exactly what you need to do to make your basketball dreams come true.

Plus, with our unconditional 60 day money back guarantee, you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose!

Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

We are so sure that you will love the License to Ball System and that it will help you improve your scoring and your game that we are offering an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply notify us within 60 days and we will refund your money, in full, with absolutely no questions asked!

That’s TWO FULL MONTHS to put this system to the test! Either get the tips and instruction you need to improve your offensive basketball skills or get your purchase price back!

Plus, when you order now you’ll get instant access to all the training materials via the Internet so you can begin training and taking advantage of all the expert tips in just minutes from now!

Don’t End Up Wondering What Kind of Player You Could Have Been …

Again, don’t let this opportunity pass by.

Get the instruction and the tips you need to become the very best basketball player you can be … find out how to become the top scorer, the guy everybody on the other team is trying to stop… and the guy all the cheerleaders want to date!

Take your game to the next level … get License to Ball today!


  • Module 1: Mad Handles – a killer collection of ballhandling and dribbling drills to help you develop more confidence with the rock in your hands, improve your one on one skills, break down defenders and create high percentage shots for you and your teammates
  • Module 2: Advanced Guard Skills – learn exactly how to develop top notch shooting, passing, and fast break skills. These are “advanced” techniques for serious ballers – NOT the basic “gym class” drills you’ll find in other books, websites or videos.
  • Module 3: Playing Big Down Low – chock-full of effective drills and workouts to build strength and power, develop precise low-post footwork, become a monster on the glass, and a dominating force in the paint. Essential skills for every position.
  • Module 4: Three Point License – How to earn the “greenlight” from your coach, so you can pull up and hit the three from any spot on the floor… in any game situation! jam-packed with 13 killer 3-point shooting drills and training tips, all demonstrated with easy instructions.
  • Free Bonus: The 31 Minute All City Workout – Professionally designed “Done for you” workout plan for tuning up your skills before a big game.
  • Free Bonus: The 64 Minute All City Workout – Professionally designed “Done for you” workout plan designed for mid-season training sessions.
  • Free Bonus: The 89 Minute All City Workout – Professionally designed “Done for you” workout plan designed for serious off-season development.
  • Free Bonus: The NBA Workout – 98 proven scoring drills inspired by the league’s best players.
  • Free Bonus: The Truth About Scoring Online Video – Jam-packed with little known tips, drills and strategies to become an unstoppable scoring machine.
  • Free Bonus: Shooting Success Formula – This step by step PDF guide (with companion podcast) shows you EXACTLY how to become an outstanding shooter.
  • Free Bonus: 7 Minute Handles – A proven 8-step ballhandling circuit that quickly translates to better dribbling and passing in game situations
  • Instant Online Access Over Your Computer Screen, Tablet or Smartphone – Watch the videos right now from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection, at any time of day or night
  • 60 Day, No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee – If you’re not 100% satisfied with the material, just contact us and we’ll cheerfully refund every penny of your purchase price. No questions asked.

All yours for just $67 today! Click the Add to Cart button below and get instant access!

P.S. In a game, or even in practice, have you ever found yourself “in the zone?”

You know, where you are making all your shots and it seems like you just can’t miss … for a basketball player few things feel better than being in the zone. Well, if you get License to Ball you better get used to that feeling, because this system will show you how to get in the zone more often and stay there much longer!

P.P.S. Also remember, that you are making this purchase at absolutely no risk. So grab this special low price while you can! If License to Ball isn’t everything you were expecting, simply notify us within 60 days and we will refund your money immediately.