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2 Advanced Drills For Shooting Off The Dribble « Basketball Training | Ballers Institute

2 Advanced Drills For Shooting Off The Dribble

basketball drills

Creating off the dribble is one of the hardest skills to acquire in basketball. And pulling up on a dime to make a jumper from long range is even tougher. These two basketball drills – inspired by Russell Westbrook’s game – will help you develop both skills in a fun, efficient way that translates to real competition.

Transition Elbow Jump Shots

It’s amazing how often teams fail to pick up the ballhandler in transition – even at the highest levels of basketball. Westbrook is fantastic at recognizing and taking advantage of sloppy fast break defense – if no one stops the ball, he’ll turn on the jets and get all the way to the foul line before anyone picks him up. This simple drill will help you do the same…

basketball drills

Begin at half court, and pound the ball towards the basket at full speed – you should be able to reach the foul line in two or three dribbles at the very most. Stop at the elbow for a quick pull-up.

Remember to stay balanced on the shot – this is not a tear drop or a leaner. You should land in the same spot you took off from, with your toes pointing toward the basket and your body completely under control.


  1. If you have a full court to work with, start at the opposite end of the court. Throw the ball off the backboard to simulate a rebound, then push the ball upcourt as fast as you can. Again – stop suddenly at the free throw line for a quick pull up jumper
  2. If you have a partner to work out with, have him rebound the ball to initiate the drill. He yells “Ball” and you respond “Outlet!” – which starts the break. Push it up court and pull up at the elbow.

Make 20 shots from each elbow.

In and Out Pullup

Westbrook is one of the best off-the-bounce players in the league. His ability to change speed and direction on a dime, then pull up at the elbow – completely under control, without drifting or fading – makes him one of the most dangerous offensive players around. The “in and out pullup” is probably his best known move. Here’s how to develop this one for yourself…

basketball shooting drills

Put a pilon or chair at the three point line, then another at the elbow. Begin by attacking the first pilon with a straight crossover, and penetrate to the high post area. In a real game, you would continue all the way to the basket and finish with a layup… but good teams will send a help defender at you before you get into the paint. Freeze this defender with an in and out dribble, then transition directly into a pull up jumper.

Make 20 from the left side, then 20 coming from the right side.

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